About Willem de Kooning's Ugly Women

We are very keen on Willem de Kooning´s work, even if we are not fond of the women he painted for some time in his career.

In spite of his extraordinary talent for drawing and his academic education in arts while still in Holland, almost 30 years after his arrival in the States De Kooning exhibited in New York a series of dramatically ugly women, with distorted face and showing the teeth, combining abstraction with figuration, which caused a great shock in the American art scene at the time.

De Kooning was severely treated by art critics who accused him of a strange personal obsession with regard to the female image, to whom he responded he was only reflecting on a contemporary meaning of beauty.

Amazing enough, the discussion about the Women series made De Kooning worldwide famous and very successful and influential from that moment on.

The point is: you should never give up your artistic feeling and ideas, regardless of what people may think of your vision of art and beauty.

De Kooning´s Women after all were in no way uglier than Picasso´s Les Demoiselles d´Avignon, were they?