I exhibited my work many times in France, Italy and Czech Republic: 


1998 Medal of Franz Kafka, Praha, Czech

2013 Price František Kupka, Praha, Czech

2014 Nomina di Accademico by Accademia Internazionale Vesuviana di Lettere, Scienze ed Arti

2014 Diploma di Beremenza of Accademia universal “Giosué Carducci”

2014 Světová cena kultury / Word price of culture, Praha, Czech



 Article in english of Prof. Klivar "The art of Františka Janečková as a transformation of the soul"

The art of Czech painter Františka Janečková has been maturing for many years. Today we can admire her experimental approach primarily in the desire to find innovative aspects in visual beauty. We will use the intentionally broad sense of the word "visual", because in her art she makes use of her interest in many fields of visual arts, not only painting, but also in the creative work of other techniques. It is an experiment, gushing like a life force, exceeding and engaging with various styles, manners and traditions.

When looking at the the paintings of Františka Janečková we draw the conclusion that we can classify her work as being in the forefront of contemporary "Action Painting", which is based on the gesture of the creator. Františka Janečková has avoided the conventions of abstract art and the spiritualist religionism, which often ends in a hallucination or culminates in a transcendent world of the Faith. Her essential method is introspection, vision of the inner world of being, contemplation. A big inspiration was the study of Franz Kafka, who did not put much emphasis on punctuation, but more on the rhythms of prose settings and loved introspection. Kafka wrote: "Contemplation and action are apparent truth, but only the action initiated by contemplation is the Truth.”

We won’t be able to properly understand the art of Františka Janečková if we do not realize, that she has the faculty to capture the mental states of other people, connect the energy of humans and join their soul. The art of this painter is based on the technique of direct and immediate painting with a universal instrument that creates coloured mass distribution. Her aesthetic opens the view on infinite worlds of unconscious perceptions, because, in Freudian terms, she senses the waves between the conscious and the unconscious.

Complementary colours personify the moving space, which, like a mirage, emerge only to disappear. How interesting are the changing colourful fictions and fantasies when the coloured materials merge and form separate, vibrant art pieces. They are like bright planets shining as the stalwarts of the Cosmos. What is important is the absolute, unbounded space which these pieces give expression to, unburdened with the conventional methods of perspective views or stereo-metric shots. They show a sense of the cosmic mind, a sense of infinite dimensional distances in unbounded space. Light plays an important role. The painter is searching for a ray of light via bio –energy, because this energy vibrates inside and outside all man as a subtle, barely recognizable light. Franz Kafka wrote: "Art flies around the truth with the firm intention not to get burned. Its vocation is to find in a dark void the powerful beam of light, which couldn’t be perceived before... ".The light in Františka’s work has an immense symbolic importance of the impermanence of the world and simultaneously ignites a perpetual reminiscence of intuition, which will lead us, said Franz Kafka, “roundabout to the Absolute.” These and other merits of the artist Františka Janečková have been acknowledged in all her work, and she has been awarded the Medal of Franz Kafka in 1989.

 Professor Dr. Miroslav Klivar, PhD

 Accademia Internacionale IL CONOVIVIO, Italy


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