Artist's Profile:

Professional Artist and Painter.                                                                                                               I am from Georgia and was graduated from the Art Academy in Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. I had a dream in art which I have acheived: to create my own school which movement is called the COSMIC EXPRESSIONISM. Since 1987 up to now my works have been present in 100 joint exhibitions as well as many personal ones not only in my birthplace but in many major cities in the rest of the world. My paintings are amongst very rich art collections of businessmen around                                      the world.

Country of Residence: Georgia

foto no estudio.jpg

Contact:   Join me at my external art website: www.elizarova-kudukh.com                                                                             or:                                                                                                                                                                                           Send a message to make an offer to purchase, or to inquire or leave feedback about my artworks, by filling in the       Contact Form below:

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