Imagine this:  you want to make your art a new reality, and think there is a river preventing you from achieving it... Although the river seems to be flowing wonderful pleasure and satisfaction, you have to cross to the other bank where your artistic future is. Then, we come and lend you a boat called:                                    


Your Parisian "PETIT BOULEVARD" Online


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About our Art Gallery

Our Art Gallery is an independent, effective, and friendly online gallery composed of our Members´personal galleries, and  is  designed to showcase,  promote and offer for sale their original artworks, attract a great deal of attention from all website visitors, and make art buying easy and directly from the artists themselves.


Who are our artists? 

We are proud to feature in our Art website a display, at all ability levels, of gifted artists from around the world, blessed with talent and the love of art, who exhibit their inspirational artwork, for sale, or simply for the pleasure of sharing it with       all of us. 

The benefits you get through your personal gallery

  • Your art gains public exposure.

  • Art buyers can reach you directly.

  • You can share your artistic experience and goals.

  • You may receive constructive feedback on your artworks.

  • You promote yourself as an artist.

  • You can join exhibitions and other events run by our Gallery.

 No minimum standards required

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Where to exhibit artworks usually presents a practical problem to all artists.                                                                 As a newbarbizonARTist, you don´t have to go through a selection process to exhibit your artwork in our Art Gallery. No matter your ability and experience, you will be proud to display your art works together with works by artists around the world.

You can display any number of pictures 

There are no restrictions about the amount of pictures you can exhibit in your personal Art Gallery. If you want to start with just one or a couple of pictures, that´s OK! 

You don´t have to sell your favorite artworks 

If you do not want to sell your artworks, but still want to share them with others, it is enough to add «Not for sale» to your picture image.

If  you want to buy art, visit our artists´galleries

Please approach the artist whose work interests you.  You may use his direct contact or the form asking the artist to get in touch with you, which are both available in his personal gallery. Click here