Panda Jasmine keeps telling us of how to succeed in art:

- A little of genius and a lot of work. Work operates miracles!


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Panda Jasmine´s Comments

Panda Jasmine regularly addresses newbarbizonARTgallery ´s members with brief comments on a variety of interesting issues, which gives them the chance to think them over.                         Kindly let us know what´s in your mind regarding the subjects and contents of those comments, and which issues you would like Jasmine to include in future comments by filling in the form below.

Such comments are kept in a  Jasmine´s Archive for about 30 days, to give you the opportunity to read them sometime after they have been delivered.                                                                                               To visit Jasmine´s Archive, click here.


Dear Fellow-Artist, 

Degas was very clear: «Painting is easy when you don´t know how, but very difficult when you do».                                                                                                                                               And Picasso expressed the same thought in a different way: «Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up».                                                                 This is probably so because painting has some rules that an experienced painter is supposed to be knowledgeable about and follow through.                                                                           But then Goya was of the opinion that «there are no rules in painting»!                                   Good gracious! Is it too late for them to agree on this simple issue?                                       Well, for us at the newbarbizonARTgallery, we believe formal artistic education and painting rules are important, but please never let you feel too constrained by them in your creative endeavors!

Proudly your partner in the joy of Art                                              Jasmine

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Dear Fellow-Artist, 

Many painters think «style is everything».                                                               This is what Gauguin also seemed to have thought at a certain time of his career: «This year I have sacrificed everything, technique and color, to style».                   But Degas had a different idea about this issue: «I am glad I haven´t found my style yet. I´d would be bored to death».                                                                         If you are struggling for a personal style, don´t. It will come for itself. And style is not everything!                                                                                                                                                                           Proudly your partner in the joy of Art                                                                                                                      Jasmine


Dear Fellow-Artist,

Gallery owners may tell you: - C´est la vie!                                                               You have already heard that the art market is in the hands of gallery owners who decide who is going to make a successful career in the art scene by selling almost exclusively their works. Most painters strive in vain to persuade gallery owners that their works have quality and should be also offered to potential art buyers.                                                                               C´est la vie! – Gallery owners are likely to answer them.                                                             newbarbizonARTgallery solves you this problem by allowing you the opportunity to show, promote, and sell your artworks in your personal gallery, featured in our website.                 Join newbarbizonARTgallery website – your ALADDIN´S LAMP, to enjoy fascination and delight!                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Proudly your partner in the joy of Art                                                                                                                        Jasmine


Dear Fellow Artist,

I am working on a self-portrait and struggling to make it look like me.
I am wondering if I will be able to correct what is wrong with my head, in the end. If not, I can always say (like Picasso about his portrait of Gertrude Stein): if the portrait doesn´t look like me, I will have to look like it.
                                                                                       Fondly Yours