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        Get started at our Art Gallery

To exhibit your art work in a personal gallery,  you need to be already our Member. If you are not a Member yet, please sign-up.  Learn more               

Prior to creating your gallery, you must read and follow our "Guidelines for transferring your pictures", below.                                                       

Then, please fill in the Form  underneath to let us know that you are about to send your images to us. 

Guidelines for transferring your pictures

  • Only original artworks by yourself are allowed.

  • Choose good quality digital images of your work.

  • We recommend that the pictures must be no larger than a maximum of 1600 pixels x 1200 pixels, in JPG, PNG or GIF file format.

  • We recommend that you number each work and provide a separate list with information concerning your profile and each picture, such as: title of work, type of support, medium, size and price.

  • Follow as much as possible what is required below concerning "Personal Art Gallery content" and "Information to accompany each picture".

  • You can choose to send your pictures separately on two or more occasions.

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1.   Upon receipt of your Registration Form as a Member, (as per the instructions given in the MEMBERSHIP page) we will acknowledge  it and confirm to you our email address for you to send your pictures. 

2.   Select the pictures you want to display.                                                     

3.   Fill in the Form above, on this page, to let us know that you are going to transfer your pictures.                                                                              4.   Once your pictures have been duly received, we take personal care to upload them and create your Art Gallery. 

NOTE:  As soon as the uploading is complete and your Gallery created, you will be informed and asked to confirm that everything is to  your satisfaction.   

Personal Art Gallery content

We recommend you to include in your personal art gallery, besides your art works:

  • A digital photo of yourself (optional)

  • Your name (first and last name)

  • Contact information to be used by visitors, which is up to you to decide. Alternatively, they are offered the possibility to fill in the Contact Form in your gallery page so that you can return to them

  • Your biography, or resume (optional)

  • Country of residence

You can also link it to your current external website, if any, as explained in the CONTACTS page.

Information to accompany each picture

  • Type of support (Canvas, Carton, Paper, Wood)

  • Type of work or medium in which the work was created (Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, Pastels, Mix-media, Drawings, or Photography)

  • Title of work (if any)

  • Picture size

  • Price (in USA Dollars, or in Euros) if the picture is for sale

Please be aware that the information required above is essential to allow visitors to make sure the artworks correspond to the type and features they may prefer or are actually looking for.

Choose your exhibition strategy 

You may use the following strategic ideas:

  • Choose your preferred works and motifs.

  • Decide carefully on the picture titles (if any).

  • Establish fair and appropriate selling prices.

  • Change the pictures in your portfolio whenever desirable.

  • Share your own newbarbizonARTgallery URL address with potential buyers, and anyone who may be interested in your art work.

  • Invite visitors to your gallery to post a comment on your work.

  • Add a link to your own external site (if any). See CONTACTS page.

Look for gallery owners collaboration

Art dealers and gallery owners are likely to visit our Art Gallery, and eventually be interested in buying the works on display for their business with clients.                          The involvement of an art dealer or gallery owner in the sale of your work may represent the opportunity you needed to find your place in the art market.                      We are happy to invite art gallery owners and art dealers to become affilliated members of newbarbizonARTgallery, and let them know about our Art Gallery´s special art events. Click here                                                                                                                            

 Exhibition certificate

As our Art Gallery exhibitor, you are granted a formal certificate attesting that you are an international artist of newbarbizonARTgallery and run a personal Art Gallery in our website.    The certificate will be made available to you online for free, and you will be able to reproduce it in print.

Art work copyright

You should always register your art work with your national copyright office before start selling your art work online. Registered works provide substantial proof of ownership and more protection and benefits in the court of law, if someone uses your work without permission. Learn more

Selling art abroad

Check  if  there are any  specific legal rules with regard to sell art work abroad.  Find out how you can better dispatch your picture to buyer to make it safer.  Don´t forget you don´t have to frame  your pictures in case of sale.                        Please bear in mind that there are usually more than one legitimate and practical way to deal with these issues.                Look for the best way possible in every sense to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and costs.