Most artists tend to isolate themselves from the artist community, preventing themselves from a more notorious artistic recognition. Don´t do it!  Enjoying art – this is all you need to be our Member.

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  • If you want to develop and improve your profile as an artist and increase your chances of selling your artworks in the international online art market;

  • If you don´t make the art your life but enjoy painting, drawing or other artwork in your leisure time;

  • If you like to make online personal acquaintances and friends with like-minded artists from everywhere in the world and be able to share your artistic ideas and experience;

  • If you keep your art works in a storeroom and would like to bring them out into the light to be seen and admired;

  • If you would love to display and offer for sale your art works to cope with expenses with art material;

  • If you are interested in exchanging your works with other artists',

then you have good reasons to become a newbarbizonARTist and enjoy the important benefits we offer you.

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  A perfect gift you can offer yourself as an artist in 2019!