Dear Fellow Artist,

Your Art doesn´t have to get you money to be profitable! 

That´s right!  You can get other interesting compensations from your devotion to Art, such as:                                               You take personal enjoyment in creating your artwork                                               It helps you to clean your head from personal worries                                                    You will be proud to display your work in your home walls                                           You can surpriseyour relatives and friends offering them a piece of art you have produced                                                             You will be remembered one day, amongst other reasons, by your works of art hung in peoples´ home

Of course, it doesn´t hurt you if you also make some money with your artwork. 

                                                      Your partner in Art,                                                         Jasmine


Restore the Meaning of Amateur Artist

Dear Fellow-Artist,

Very few words have been distorted from their original and true meaning as much as the word Amateur, which derives from the Latin Amatore, or Amator.    Consequently, art amateur should mean art lover, or someone who loves art. Instead, this was been changed throughout the time and can mean now, generally speaking, a defective and insufficient way of being an artist.                   I trust newbarbizonARTgallery will be able to instill into people´s mind the understanding that an art amateur is no more and no less than an art lover who, regardless of his or her ability and experience, has the right to be considered as a true artist.                                                                                                                  Please join newbarbizonARTgallery in our crusade to restore the meaning of amateur artist.                                                     Wishing you a happy Adventure in Art

                                        Yours ever,                                                                                                                           Jasmine

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