Exchange your artwork with a fellow artist

The old masters used to acquire works of art by fellow artists, directly from them, for their private collection. In fact, reputed painters were quite frequently the best buyers of fellow painters´ works.                                                                   In our website, we want to help you to find fellow artists to trade your art with. 

Barter – A good way of trading your artwork

Besides showing and selling your art, you may be inclined to exchange any of your artworks on display in your personal art gallery for another artist´s work without the use of money.                                     

This way, your works would be hung in homes eventually abroad, while you would be able to expand your name internationally. Moreover it would give you the opportunity to acquire works by artists from other places of the world, and start a rather unique and inexpensive private art collection.


How to make an exchange

Should you be interested in taking advantage of the bartering system, all you need is:

  • Mark the artwork you want to make available for bartering in your personal art gallery with a note, «Bartering». You may add its selling price, if it is also for sale.

  • Wait for a newbarbizonARTist to get in touch with you at your personal gallery and offers you any of his or her artworks in exchange for yours.

  • Decide if you want to make the exchange that has been proposed to you, all duly considered.

Please be advised that any interaction with respect to barter conditions is solely between you and the other fellow artist.