We are not simply hoping that things happen for themselves. On the contrary, we will manage everything possible to give you every opportunity to promote and sell your art.

Art Salon and other art shows 

Art Salons and smaller-scale exhibitions, based on previously defined criteria suitable to each case, will be held by our Art Gallery whenever desirable to meet artists´ specific needs and convenience at no cost to them.                                 We invite you to take advantage of these newbarbizonARTgallery members-only exhibition events, in accordance with the conditions set up in due time for each particular event.  

Online auction sales 

Online Art Auctions are held from time to time sponsored by our Art Gallery.       You are free to decide whether you want to participate in those events. Have in mind that they give you the opportunity to sell your art work to the highest bid possible, starting from a minimum bid, which is up to you to decide.                     Conversely, our Art Gallery´s auctions are an opportunity to buy original art work at exceptionally affordable prices directly from the artists themselves.