Developing a united artists´community is a matter of friendly, social and artistic relationships. We want to contribute to make the art world a more cooperative, happy and generous art society.  So, please…

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We aim to provide you with the best information, service and assistance possible to help you in your efforts to create, display, market and sell your own art works. However, this should be easier if you do it together.                                                            Please let us have your opinion and views, and give us your feedback on any of the many interesting issues with respect to our common passion for art by filling in the form below:                                                                    

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«United we stand, divided we fall»

Please share our happy story with friends and other people by letting them know about us. Tell them they are welcome whether they have a passion for painting or photography, or are in other way involved in the art world.

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When you join us as a Member and create your personal art gallery, you receive your unique newbarbizonARTgallery´ s website URL address (Uniform Resource Locator), so that you can be addressed and recognized within our website.           Moreover, your URL address will allow fellow artists, website visitors and customers to contact you directly to your personal gallery, in our website.                                     You may also use your URL address in your marketing and promotional materials.   To make it easier to remember by interested parties, your personal newbarbizonARTgallery´s URL address is in the convenient format of:

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Gallery owners and art dealers are welcome to sign-up as a our Partners in Art, and be entitled to a FREE listing in our directory of Gallery Owners, as well as to buy artwork online directly from the artists themselves.                     Reversely, those who are looking for an art gallery or an art dealer anywhere in the world are suggested to check our directory of  Gallery Owners.    

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Art Tutorial Providers                                                                                                                                                                                newbarbizonARTgallery invites those who regularly provide art tutorials, classes, and workshops to individual or small groups of beginners or artists at a more advanced stage to join us as our Partners in Art and be included in our directory ofArt Tutorial Providers for FREE.                                                                                                           We also suggest those who want to find tuition and workshops in their area to check our directory of Art Tutorial Providers.      

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