Once upon a time …                                                    (our story begins here)

Inspired by Barbizon´s Spirit of Change

Barbizon, a French village on the edge of the forest of Fontainebleau, in the mid-nineteenth century attracted a group of young French painters who rejected the classical themes and rules taught at the academies to do their studies from Nature.                                                                                                          They found at Barbizon, with its undulating countryside, luxuriant forest, everyday    life of peasants and farmers, and other simple motifs, the conditions needed for their naturalist painting, giving rise to the so-called Barbizon school, from which the Impressionist movement later emerged.                              Owing to this historical and cultural past, including great masters like Corot, Millet, Rousseau and Monet, the calm Barbizon village became famous ever since.                                                                                                            Inspired by Barbizon´s important role in the making of Art History, newbarbizonARTgallery invites worldwide artists to use our web platform to share their emotion and vision of Art, as well as to deal successfully with the opportunities created by the modern website  art world.

You also can start your art adventure here.


                                                          …and the story runs as follows:

Created to Help Artists' Dreams Come True

Just like every key change in the Art History was only possible when a group of innovatory painters joined efforts to achieve their artistic goals, we strongly encourage our Members to play a more important role in the art scene by creating and sharing  a different kind of art.


newbarbizonARTgallery is driven by the inspirational motto of  advancing by collaborating and sharing, with the following primary aims and benefits in view:

  • Act as your home and gathering place for all matters concerning your art.

  • Provide you with the environment, support and opportunities needed to fulfill your artistic goals.

  • Allow you the opportunity to develop friendly, social, and artistic relationships with other fellow artists.

  • Give you the chance to use our web Art Gallery to show, promote and sell your original art works, and enable you to stand out in the competitive marketplace art websites.

  • Draw private gallery owners attention to your inspirational art, and invite them to join us as our Partners in Art.


We consider:

  • The interest for Art transcends any notions or human restrictions of age, race, class, genre or ability.

  • Non-professional artists are in the art world in their own right, and their desire to exhibit and sell their art work is consistent with a genuine non-professional status.

  • Our artists must take a relevant place in the international art scene for a more notorious recognition and fair appreciation of their work.

  • Our artists must help each other in the best of associative spirit, their cooperation and teamwork being essential to attain individual and collective artistic goals.

 We assure:

  • Quality service, support and exposure to our Members so that they can meet their artistic needs and expectations.

  • Prompt and considerate attention to all matters brought up by Members for our appreciation or help.

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Ask yourself if you feel like being a newbarbizonARTist.        

A newbarbizonARTist is a person with a passion for art and beauty who feels free to find his or her own path as an artist and is independent enough to determine personal artistic goals, but, nevertheless, feels an obligation to contribute to the evolution and a more just appreciation of the art world by collaborating with like-minded fellow artists.


I’m a newbarbizonARTist! Are you too?