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I was born in Poland. I have grown up in a terribly gloomy and grey world of socialism, I was always surprised not positively and already then I knew it - this world needs colors a lot, so I decided to paint and change the world for a better place to those people who want to live a colorful life. I always wanted to paint, I felt strong needs to create, I knew that some the day I will start to realizing myself as an artist. And here I am.

                                                                                                                                  I would like to people could be connecting with each other through shared emotions thanks to my art, when I am in process of creation I am always focusing on the positive vibes and emotion whom should flow out from that very thick textures, my intention is stimulating people through the intense colors using on, I try to my art could be reflection beauty of nature, discovering the shadows of colors from mineral stones what I am inspired a lot, on every artwork I work, I do it as long as it starts to live, grows, how would like it walk outside.

I am totally passionate about the art I see in every small daily manifestation and I try to capture the beautiful emotions, it should be looking like a dance between fragments our impressive life, I want to show that everything is unlimited and at the same time is connecting each other in a sensory and experimental way I watch the life from many perspectives and I show what can arise of a combination of shapes, structures, gestures, movement, sounds, spontaneity, universal values. Creating my art I would like to say that without the colors and emotions our life doesn't make sense. In my opinion, art has to be unpredictable, expressive, insane, art have to turn you in, shock you, shake you deeply even, it should seem nonsensical cause only then you start to focus on it and look for a hidden message delivered through the concept of art My art-travel is like a walking along the horizon line to find the place where the infinite lives, an infinity of art, art has no rules, it is total freedom.

Constantly, I am on my way, I am total extern of it, I study the art every day, looking for new techniques of application of paints and other materials, I discovered my own method "hot and burned" paints. I hope that my abstractions can help people express themselves, and people will see how beautiful they are.


...and I have an information about my own mixed media and technique that I use... 

I am total extern, I learned art in my own way, I am alive example that if you are aware of the talents you have you should take care of them. Within the creating process, I use many kinds of quality paints, acrylic paints, mat and glossy, metallic paints, inks and liquids, rustical lacquers, the mass of Venetian stucco and Pearl stucco, gauzes and cotton fabrics, wood`s elements and selected building materials of a special plasticity, thanks to this arise collages and textured abstractions with very thick layers All of my abstractions I do on canvas, sometimes on the wooden board.


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