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At the age 4, in shanghai, china, being influenced by my father and uncle(Tsai Wen-Ying, the pioneer of cybernetic sculpture in USA), I started  drawing, My folks then hired teachers to teach me basic painting skills, including Chinese as well as Western painting techniques, From the age of 6 to 10, I attended "Shanghai Children Palace"where my foundation of classical drawing was fostered. By aged 11, I was enrolled to Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institution, which served as a breeding ground for the development  & liberation of my painting skills.
In 2008, I was enrolled to the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Arts, one of the most prestigious art institutions in China. I was strongly inspired by the Courbet's principal with his motto:"Painter must only paint what is before his eyes". The studio that I've enrolled is called"Concrete Expression", Concrete means painting by "what was seen", or as Lucian Freud said" I could never put anything into a picture that wasn't actually there in front of me, that would be a pointless lie." Expression is to clarify reactions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs & connections with audience.
During all those years of searching on the principles of paintings, the emphasis on drawings, the ration of forms, values and the compositions in pictures, I realized that the path to reveal the perfection is somehow a difficult task. The more i proceed, the more I felt desperate and defected. Luckily with the aid of meditation, my observation skill is enhanced, the awareness to drawing as well as to life is uplifted, I gradually learn to accept all obstacles and the "so called" boundary as it is. It's the journey I have chosen for my life, but indeed, I feel gratitude that I was being "chosen" to deliver "paintings" in this way, hence for the rest of my life, I will keep exploring on this path with zeal and enthusiasm as it's what my life for!!  

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Country of Residence: Canada

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