Artist's Profile:    "The key to my images is the notion of "energy ".           

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Františka Janečková, zech and French nationality, is a painter and therapist. She lived for 35 years in France and in 2011 she returned to her mother country, where her greatest passion is creative painting.                                                                                                              "To start painting, I need to feel, first, a beautiful energy (its flow, vibration, radiation, movement and quality). This is my inspiration, and then I paint and put this beautiful energy in my painting, so that this energy returns back to me, like in the mirror. This energy is gentle and I can play with her hours and days until the picture is finished.              As a resul, the painting uplifts spectator, caress his soul, increases his vibration and improves the quality of his inner mood, his attunement to the world. I am in the creative period focusing mainly on "female energy". I feel that this energy is very much needed nowadays. My tenderness, delicacy, sensitivity, hugging, protection, care, acceptance, sensuality, opening and secrets are shining from my new paintings.                                                                                                                            Have a look at my paintings and choose the one, you feel atracted to. It will become a precious nutrition for you, it will give you the energy you need. The chosen picture is the mirror of your inner life and if you have it at home on the wall, its vibrations will harmonize you."

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